Van Adrighem has recently started carrying the Sennebogen 7700R-SL with a lifting capacity of up to 300 tonnes. This ‘green’ crane has been rented by a client who temporarily needed a caterpillar crane for a special project that requires heavy lifting capacity at fairly significant distance (up to 50 metres). A considerable amount of lift height is also needed at that same distance. When our client came to us with that request, we found that the Sennebogen 7700R-SL was the right solution for them. The project is located in Belgium and is the inaugural project for our 300-tonne Sennebogen, delivered straight from the factory in the south German city of Straubing.

The Sennebogen 7700R-SL is being used in Belgium for dynamic soil compaction. A 12-tonne vibroflot vibrating probe is attached to the crane. The soil compaction operation is taking place completely underwater, which makes this project particularly challenging and complex. This soil compaction is vital to the construction of a new quay wall. The work must be done from the current quay wall, some 50 metres away, with the 12-tonne vibroflot that itself is quite long. So they needed a considerable height from the crane, as well. The 300-tonne Sennebogen is the ideal solution to those challenges. It’s built with a 63.5-meter main boom, onto which a 3.5-meter bill has been mounted.

With 300 tonnes of lifting capacity, the 7700R-SL is the largest in Sennebogen’s caterpillar crane line. The maximum main boom length ranges all the way up to 113.9 metres. It can also be fitted with a movable jib. The maximum main boom length is then 69.1 metres, with a maximum jib length of 91.5 metres. The lift height tops out at 153 metres. The main boom and jib are made of different types of lattices in varying strengths. That allows for endless configurations with different capacities, making this caterpillar crane a highly versatile piece of equipment.