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At Van Adrighem, you’re at the right place for rough-terrain crane rentals. These cranes are particularly suited to work that’s done under challenging circumstances. Rough-terrain cranes are supremely flexible, reaching places where normal mobile cranes can’t go. Rough-terrain cranes can also be equipped with a jib to extend the telescoping mast. Below is an overview of the rough-terrain cranes we have available.

technical data
from to
Max. load capacity 10t 145t
Max. working height
5m 80m


available brands & models
brand model
Terex A600, Quadstar 1065, Quadstar 1075, RT555, RT100, etc
Grove RT530-E, RT540, RT9130, etc
Tadano GR300, GR350, GR500, GR750, GR800, GR1000, etc


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